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We have all been warned that we tend to probably shouldn’t be feeding our dogs table scraps for a variety of reasons, not the smallest amount of which being that it will result in obesity, did you recognize that a number of our favorite human foods are extremely toxic for man’s best friend? the key to keeping your pet safe and healthy is just education – knowing the risks and the way to avoid them!
These 12 Things Your Dog ought to never Be Allowed To Eat:

1 – Tomato Plants
Ripe tomatoes aren’t a priority, but if your dog ingests the leaves of tomato or green tomatoes, this will cause huge issues. Lower levels of exposure will cause gastrointestinal upset, like nausea, vomit or diarrhea. If, however, your dog consumes a bigger quantity, it may result in additional serious complications. Symptoms at this stage include confusion, changes in pulse rate, weakness, dilated pupils, and lethargy. Your best approach, if you're growing tomatoes at home, is to stay them safely enclosed away from your dog.

2 – Raw or Undercooked Meat
This is one that's up for discussion, as several dog owners that like better to feed their pets a raw diet can contest any risks. However, there are considerations worth noting and so we are going to embody it on this list for the aim of full disclosure. Raw meats will carry probably harmful microorganism as well as salmonella and E.coli. this is often a risk each to the dog consuming it also because of the owner throughout the process of preparation. Studies have additionally found that dogs fed a meat diet are a lot of possibilities to become infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria than dogs that are fed a diet of typical dry or canned foods. it's suggested that owners do their analysis before choosing this dietary choice.

3 – Alcohol
While I would prefer to suppose that this is logic, it poses an excellent health risk for your pup and so deserves to be enclosed on the list. Consumption of any kind of alcohol including beer, wine, and liquor will have a seriously negative impact on your dog’s health because of the alcohol content in regard to their size. think about the danger of harm stemming from binge drinking in humans. Even a tiny low quantity of alcohol will have the same impact on your pup. Signs of alcohol toxicity in your dog embody muscle tremors, paralysis, lethargy, disorientation, confusion, shallow breathing, seizures, and loss of consciousness.
4– chamomile
Chamomile is a very important one to debate on the list as, in smaller doses, it will really be improbably beneficial for your dog. it's typically used to calm a dog, smooth muscle pain and cut back inflammation each as a topical treatment or orally. However, massive doses or repeated exposure over a long amount of time will cause chamomile poisoning. The side effects of this kind of toxicity include a raised risk of internal bleeding, or gastrointestinal problems like vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of appetite. medicinal use of chamomile ought to be done under the care and management of a veterinarian.

5 – Coconut and coconut oil
With the recent rise in using oil for everything, we are beginning to see a lot of folks recommending it's used in treating not solely our own ailments but that of our pets. whereas it’s never as toxic as a number of the things on this list, there are some health considerations to worry regarding. coconut water is high in potassium, that is dangerous at that level for your dog’s system. moreover, the flesh and milk of coconuts contain oils that are famed to cause digestive issues as well as loose stool, diarrhea, and nausea.

6 – Onions and Chives
The harm caused by onions and chives is much less severe than that of other things on this list. It’s not that they don’t cause a risk, merely that they'd need to consume an outsized quantity before reaching the point of toxicity. That being said, the harm from onions and chives may be important, because it directly impacts the red blood cells. they will additionally cause irritation to the gastrointestinal tract. It’s safer to avoid consumption altogether than to do to track and predict wherever the limit for your dog would lie.
7– Avocado
Known as a ‘superfood’ among our own diets, avocado is one of the things that you simply should keep of your pup’s diet. There are plenty of rumors surrounding the presence of a person, however, specialists advise that isn’t toxic to dogs the way it's to birds and bigger animals like cattle. However, simply because they aren’t toxic doesn’t mean that they are safe for consumption. the most important concern with avocado for dogs is that it's famed for causing obstruction. Signs to watch for include vomiting, diarrhea and a lack of stool production. If you notice these signs, contact your doctor instantly.

8– Raw Eggs
Now, before you go defending the actual fact that you simply read you must put a raw egg on your dog’s food for the needs of a healthier, shinier coat – having potential advantages doesn’t mean that something also can come with risks. Eggs may be an excellent treat for your pet (speak with your vet to see what percentage they'll safely consume), but there are risks to think about if the eggs that you simply are watching feeding haven’t been cooked. Raw eggs will carry harmful microorganisms like salmonella, a danger to each the dog and the owner that's preparing the snack. Raw egg whites additionally carry their own risks, probably resulting in a biotin deficiency because of an enzyme that they contain that prevents the absorption of biotin inside the body. If you would like to feed your dogs eggs, it's suggested that they're cooked first.

9 – Bones
It’s one of the most recognized associations in our world, the dog and its bone, but specialists are warning you will need to consider before handing over simply any bone. Chicken bones, turkey bones and any bone that has been cooked for any length of your time is liable to splintering and breaking. These pieces will have an unbelievably negative health impact. this may cause cuts within the mouth or throat, choking, intestinal blockages, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. whereas raw bones are safer, you must still avoid pork bones, rib bones of any kind and any bones that are smaller than the dog’s mouth.
10– Chocolate
You probably already recognize that chocolate may be a large ‘no, no’ once it comes to feeding your dogs. However, several dog owners don’t notice why, or simply how huge this risk may be. Chocolate contains theobromine, the toxic ingredient. In giant doses, this compound will cause internal bleeding, seizures, tremors, irregular heartbeat or an attack. whereas larger dogs could also be able to consume tiny amounts while not a problem, it actually isn’t a risk that you simply should be taking! If you're in the least suspicious that your dog has eaten chocolate, contact your doctor instantly.

11– Sugar
Consumed in high quantities in our society, you'd be stunned simply how much sugar will be found within the foods and beverages that you consume on each day. whereas it ’s not necessarily healthy for us by any means, this sweet treat is something you must avoid permitting your dog to consume. remember to the last time you ate so much an excessive amount of sugar, and how sick you felt. this can be definitely one of the various risks that your dog faces because of their smaller stature. Risks of sugar consumption embody nausea, cavities, obesity, diabetes, and changes to your dog’s metabolism.

12– coffee and caffeine
Caffeine may be a stimulant that several people rely upon to get ourselves up and getting the morning, however, the impact of this substance on our dog’s health will be profound. think about the cartoons during which somebody drinks way an excessive amount of coffee causing them to become fully hyperactive. this can be what happens in dogs, and it will have terrible side effects. Caffeine toxicity is related to feelings of nervousness or restlessness, upset, raised pulse rate, higher pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, tremors, and seizures. Left unmanaged, it will cause coma or death

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